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"I think there's a lot of people neglected in art..."


ACACIA (uh|kay|shah) is a Queer Afrolatinx multimedia designer devoted to visually amplifying the voices of Queer, Trans, Nonbinary and GNC peoples. After finishing her BFA at the Fashion Institute of Technology, she's continued to work within fashion and graphic design. When she isn't working on printed artwork, she's guided workshops for learning digital design, creating collaborative design opportunities for her community, installed interactive art with Night Multimedia Art on Governor's Island, created visual displays for Anthropologie, and printed fabric featured during New York Fashion Week. "My artistic practice is informed heavily by my exploration of what it means to make art with and for people largely unacknowledged on a global scale. Looking through a decolonized mindset lens, I use graphic design, illustration, and photography to generate content that appeals to a wide variety of people. By working with a talented and diverse community of designers, performers, writers, organizers, and thinkers, I am able to create amongst people who instill art with a philosophy of beauty, acceptance, and radical creativity. My goal when creating art is to imbue it with the intention to include and incite the voiceless, to develop their own unique approach of what it means to create art. "